31 okt '09

Prototype waterplein naar Toronto

AbC Festival 2009: Water
Water—chemical matrix of life, transportation conduit, industrial feedstock, agricultural necessity–is coming under new pressures. This year Alphabet City considers the current state of this most vital substance, from the mythic to the infrastructural.

The WATER festival includes HYDROCity–a panel, exhibition, and symposium series about the future of our cities’ relationship to water

HYDROCity Exhibition
Curated by Anneke Abhelakh, Chris Hardwicke, Ghazal Jafari, Sara Kamalvand, John Knechtel, Mason White
Models and drawings of design projects from Canada, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, the USA, and elsewhere.

Created for the City of Rotterdam, Watersquare responds to the increasingly violent rainstorms that will be driven by global warming by seeking to catch rain and thereby create playful public features while preserving the water quality in the canals. Watersquare was designed by Marco Vermeulen and Florian Boer and constructed by Jeroen Bodewits. Model on exhibition at Daniels through 13 November.

HYDROCity exhibition extension venue: John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto 230 College Street