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Living landscape
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Urban design

VONK Museum

Biobased museum showcasing the history and future of the Eindhoven region

Bezuiden Sluis

Moving with the water

Residential Landscape 3.0

where living, food production and nature come together

The heart of Rotterdam Architecture Month

A floating festival hub with a park, urban sports, and exhibitions in three barges

Aviation Observation Bench

Unique perspectives on aviation and surroundings

Biesbosch Museum Island

Building, interior, exhibition, water playground and freshwater tidal park

The Dutch Mountains

Hybrid timber skyscraper


Building against climate change

IABR–Drought in the Delta

Journey to the Center of the Earth


Water museum on the river Meuse

The Road to Paris

A design exploration for a carbon neutral Netherlands

Trenches for Peace

War and peace on the Oirschot Heath

Living Landscape

Scenic living in high density

VONK Museumpark

An attractive museum landscape with historical value for the Genneper Parken.

House on the river Maas

Self-build project at the end of the Müller Pier

GreenTech Park

Collaboration on the valorisation of biomass

Panorama Coehoorn

The hidden fortress

Solar Highway A37

Designing a sustainable energy supply

Water Squares

Introduction to a type

Completing the cycle?

Opportunities for circular agriculture in North Holland

Human Nature

Productive nature in the Netherlands

National Park NLDelta

The nature, culture and recreational ambitions of NLDelta

DeltaGrid 2050, South Holland

Perspectives on the South Holland energy infrastructure

Peppel Panorma

The rediscovery of the poplar tree

The Swamp Metropolis

Research into the water, food and energy systems of the future

The Old Tower

hidden monument

Zeeland: Hot and Cold

Thermal heat from surface water

Station of the Future

Smart mobility hub

Building with Wood

Towards a circular building economy

Southern Water Defense Line Atlas, second edition

An atlas on the eventful history of Brabant
The location: Vinkeveense Plassen

Museum De Ronde Venen

A new beginning
The Dutch Everglades: Landscape in transition on the border of sand and clay

Brabant aan Zee: The Dutch Everglades

Landscape in transition on the border of sand and clay
Dutch Smart Thermal Grid - 2050

Dutch Smart Thermal Grid

Towards a sustainable heat supply
The proposed production landscape, with new landscapes of sorghum, willow fields, wet reeds, algae fields and food forests

Landscaping the Food

A perspective for the protein axis in the Peel
The social influence of new technology in South Holland

Un/limited Technology

Social influence of new technology in South Holland
Bird's-eye view: view from the southeast towards the Park Emmen

Park Emmen

Design proposal for the former Noorder Zoo

Fort Sabina

Development perspective Fort Sabina as part of the Defense Line of Willemstad
Design proposal, a junction of history, nature, recreation and traffic

Park 1629

A junction of history, nature, recreation and traffic

Biobased Backbone

Towards a sustainable, economically resilient and more beautiful Dutch-Belgian delta region.
Overhead view

Living Landscape

High density living in a landscape
A mix of city, river and landscape

Delta Scenarios Rijnmond-Drechtsteden

Possible futures for the urbanised areas in the Rijnmond- Drechtsteden region until 2100

Helenesee Water Sports Center and Resort

Recreational landscapes concept design

Inside Out

Typological study of residential blocks


a design for a green corridor constructed out of logs over the Greenportlane
Bird's-eye perspective, looking southeast

AFC Nieuw Prinsenland

Landscaping of business and greenhouse area

Pool Boat


Rotterdam Water City 2035

Urban water adventure


Watertight one-person dwellings
Aerial photo of Klavertje 4, September 2019

Klavertje 4 Greenport Venlo

Cradle to Cradle working landscape for Greenport
Closing the cycles of water, energy and waste

Pig Farm Concentrated Area Chijnsgoed

Sustainable pig farming, a new typology
Overview model | Photographer Patrick Cox


Plan of action

Sky Parker

Typological study of parking solutions

Kitchen bath

Airy one-person apartment

Tapestry of Timber

a bio-based alternative to the Dutch residence


biobased tiny house
NZKG aerial view: with the Petrol dock in the foreground

North Sea Canal Area Energy Transition

A development strategy for the energy transition

Nature Gate Maashorst

Design visitor center
Light arrangement testing

Panorama Coehoorn

Descending into the past
Bird's-eye perspective with Eindhoven in the background

The Dutch Mountains Veldhoven

Work environment of the future

Energy-producing Goeree-Overflakkee

Scenarios for a sustainable energy supply
Overview of the inundation park with the Zeeland Islands in the foreground

Inundationpark West- Brabant Waterline

Play, learn and experience in the Southern Waterline
Entrance Area

Working Landscape Ekkersrijt

Business park design
Impression of Willemspolder


Flood creation


Depiction of the spatial agenda of Brabantstad
Exhibition Museum de Fundatie (Kasteel Het Nijenhuis), Heino

De Lutte

Periphery phenomena on the border

Suburban Bliss

Parking morphology catalogue
Mayor`s residence | brings the mayor closer to his constituents when municipal boundaries are redrawn

Facility Pooling

Countryside facility fleet

Brabant Dreaming

Rural Living in High Density: The Brabant Homestead


In between a doll's house and a toy garage


Dressing table Faces