Tower in Oirschot

Giant Periscope

The Oude Toren is a medieval church tower at Oostelbeers, in the municipality of Oirschot. The church tower is located in the middle of the fields about 700 meters outside the village area surrounded by a grove and meadow. The tower belonged to a medieval parish church, demolished at the end of the 19th century. It is a brick structure of four sections with no buttresses.
The lower sections date from the first half of the 14th century and the fourth section was added in the 15th century. The area around the tower with its large oak trees and limes is of ecological value. The immediate vicinity of the church and the tower appears to have been surrounded by a moat and earthen wall. The tower used to have a spire, like the old Middelbeers church. The current appereance is a result of an economical restoration. The church houses bats and a barn owl.
The municipality of Oirschot, of which Oostelbeers is a part, has many attractions. For example, it counts 320 state (list) and municipal monuments and has two protected village views. Oirschot thus has the largest 'monument density' in the Netherlands. The municipality intends to form a more detailed vision of the possibilities and opportunities that exist to make the city's heritage more appealing and possibly include it in a bigger picture of its leisure economy.
The municipality also wants to make the Oude Toren more palatable and as a decorum, and possibly as a facility, can use it for numerous activities and small-scale events such as weddings, concerts, theater, culinary meetings etc.
At the same time, the municipality wants to minimize the character of the 'lonely tower in the green' and to strengthen it further. This requires a spatially subtle and strategic approach.

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