Eindhoven, Kleine Berg

Dressing table Faces

Spacebar is a twelve meter long hairdressing unit where eleven people can have their hair cut and tinted simultaneously. Stainless steel legs bear the beam-shaped volume that functions as the base for the mirrors along the entire length of the unit. in pairs, the mirrors form a configuration that defines and differentiates each seat. The mirrors can be pushed open to access a cupboard. The unit is covered with simple ten-by-twenty centimeter, white faceted tiles. The hairdryers are kept in stainless steel holders.


The result is midway between a modernistic skyline and a bathroom turned inside out. As if seats at a long buffet table the transformation of one's own reflection is consumed: La Grande Coiffe. The bill is presented at the head of this table. The cash desk unfolds in a number of crimson, pimply elements that boldly interrupt the stringent unit and infect its clinical character with puberty.

in cooperation with
Urban Affairs

11 workplaces and pay-desk


Kapper Faces


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