Sky Parker

Multi-storey parking facilities are the answer to the ever-growing demand for parking space, particularly where the concentration of activities requires the well-conceived use of the space available. In the traditional car park the car is driven into the parking space by the driver him/herself. In the meantime we have also gained worldwide experience with mechanical parking systems which, in An automated variant on valet parking, are the ultimate achievement. The application of logistic solutions from trade and industry have led to good and reliable automated parking. The state of Technology with regard to multi-storey automated parking has in the meantime advanced so far that this can be combined with a building type that is extremely suitable in places where space is scarce: the tower.

The design is a tower approximately 100m high, with a capacity for approximately 450 cars, with a spacious and comfortable entry and exit station at the base. Behind the station the entry, transfer and storing of vehicles is automated. The horizontal transfer is carried out by a traverse robot while six car lifts transport the vehicles vertically in the tower. By uncoupling the cycle of getting in and loading the car, transport, unloading and the reverse process, a high capacity of arrivals and departures can be achieved. In principle nobody is allowed behind the platforms, this has many advantages as regards safety and efficient space usage. The tower is flanked by a fire-escape stairwell for technical maintenance purposes.

The parking tower is, however, more than an efficient parking facility. the parking of cars in the skyline in quick tempo is a visual spectacle. Depending on the number of cars parked the appearance of the tower will change constantly throughout the day. A full tower results in a colourful pallet, when the tower is less busy it will appear more transparent. The parking tower evolves from facility to beacon.


in cooperation with
IV Bouw en Consult, A2 Studio (visualisatie), Urban Affairs

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