Residential Landscapes in Deurne

Recreational junction

With its location near the Zandbos and the Grote Peel nature reserve, there are plenty of starting points for the Equestrian Center Deurne for recreation. Partly for this reason, it is also expressly the desire to make this special site accessible and to experience as a gateway to the Zandbos. In addition, the ambition is to realize special homes at this location, where living, landscape and circularity go hand in hand.

Looking for a green, child-friendly living environment and a healthy outdoor life, the majority of Dutch people live in a compromise: the suburb. There is a major challenge for the future in creating living (and working) environments that generate their own landscape value instead of taking it away from the existing landscape. Can we realize the first recreational and residential landscape in the context of the Equestrian Center Deurne area that offers a better, more sustainable and more social alternative?

New landscape that invites active leisure

The Zandbos is the result of overgrazing of sheep and trimming in front of the potting stable, an old type of stable where cows stand on straw in which their manure falls.
In order to combat the nuisance caused by drifting sand, the State planted the Scots pine in the 19th century for the need for wood in the Limburg mines and the American Oak. In the 20th century, there began the transforming of production forests into a more natural forests with higher natural values. The sandy soils have created a rare nature reserve with, among other things, the Buntven, a deserted trough where water remains. There are various hiking and mountain bike trails and bridleways in the nature reserve.

The area has a favorable location in the middle of a few medium-sized to large cities, important connecting roads such as the A67, the N270 and the Eindhoven-Venlo train connection.

A first spatial-economic sketch of the area, carried out by Telos, shows that Deurne mainly attracts visitors for touring and walking. Visitors come to Deurne for these activities in particular from Helmond, Venray and Asten.

High density recreational landscape and accommodation

Sand forest hall
Sand forest hall

ir. Marco Vermeulen, ir. Joost van der Waal, Chiel Lansink

Recreation and residential


Telos, Libéma

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