Reset Resort

Programmatic alliances on the highway

Reset Resort clusters highway programs that are not identical but have specific subsets, so that they complement each other instead of confirming each other. This programmatic alliance is visited with different intentions, whereby the visitor comes into contact with other programs and there is the possibility to constantly adjust the time spent (re-set). Clustering can therefore not be unambiguously identified, but it is given meaning (re-sorting) from every different combination of programs. Reset resort is a programmatic formula for leisure activities and relaxation (reset) and results in a microcosm in which the visitor could stay around the clock (resort). Reset resort is primarily intended to keep the motorist on the road and offers facilities to support him in his journey. The gas pump feeds the car and the drive-by restaurant replenishes the driver. These facilities are magnified in such a way that an internal circuit is created that is kept running by those same facilities. Once disconnected from the linear highway, it is now possible to continue to run laps along the highway in this perpetual motion mobile, until car and passengers are sufficiently charged, in whatever form, to continue the journey. A comparison with the heart as a link between the large and small blood circulation appears.


The stay at the gas station can be extended from five minutes (refueling only) to a few weeks (holiday park). The pump store has become a complete supermarket, the sanitary facilities have been given the status of a spa, and the garage company has been blown up to a complete boulevard. The limitations and the potential interface of these facilities have grown, creating new unexpected connections and meanings in completely different places that make the program as a whole separate. As a result, it is no longer just an interlude along the highway, but the building can also become a goal in itself.

Reset resort is a car building par excellence. The car is the condition of its existence, the highway its umbilical cord. That is why the car is cherished and the driving is themed. Apart from a gas pump, a car wash and a garage that puts the car in optimum condition, the building forms a small amusement park for the car (mobilist). The pleasure of driving is the key to the paradox of a square car building. The building is not smooth and fast, but stiff and elegant movement over the asphalt elevates it into art.