Closing the cycles of water, energy and waste
Closing the cycles of water, energy and waste

Pig Farm Concentrated Area Chijnsgoed

Heeze-Leende, Sterksel

Sustainable pig farming, a new typology

Based on conventional building methods we introduce a new, yet recognizable courtyard farm typology which is practical and financially feasible. The production cycle of breeding sows is separated from the meat pigs. The two surrounded courtyards make place for storage of feed, water, fertilizer and machines which often clutter up the terrain. The pig farm can be easily extended as well as reduced. The courtyards represent an economic potential: they can be used for facilities to help maintain a semi-biological and sustainable conduct of business.


The top layer of the soil which is removed to build the pig farm is re-used to create the smooth transition from landscape to building. This green collar together with part of the roof is covered in vegetation which helps to isolate the stables. The stable windows mark the transition between the green collar and the roof and can be designed differently for each pig farm.

The production of meat pigs involves large amounts of water and energy. A large part of this demand is obtained through rainwater capturing and solar energy or redeemed from the pig’s manure. In a bio gasifier the pig’s manure is turned into biogas. Through a Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP) the gas generates electricity as well as heat which is used for light and heating in the stables. The manure is also used as a nutrient for algae, which is food for fish, e.g. tilapia. The tilapia fish is high protein food for the pigs again. The carbon dioxide which is generated in the farm can be used in a greenhouse to produce vitamin rich feeding for the pigs.

With the technical possibilities of today it is possible to close the cycles of water, energy and waste on the level of a single pig farm. With the current trend of up scaling it is feasible that one farmer focuses more on algae farming, while the other breeds the pigs. This way new collaborations will come into existence.
Design principles
Design principles
Prototype double courtyard farm
Prototype double courtyard farm
Impression Agricultural Development Area (LOG) Chijnsgoed
Impression Agricultural Development Area (LOG) Chijnsgoed

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Pig farms, Tilapia farm, algae farm, glasshouse horticulture, landscape

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