Nature Gate Maashorst

The Maashorst is the largest contiguous nature reserve in the province of Noord-Brabant. A nature reserve with the ambition to become a national park. Such an ambition also includes a nature gate: a gate through which many visitors go into nature each year to discover the unique characteristics of the Maashorst. Unique features such as the dutch “wijstgronden”, the royal tombs, the wisent and the tauros. A gate to enjoy products from the region on the terrace and find information about this special nature reserve. Where individual visitors can orient themselves on their visit and where school classes can follow educational programs. In a building where Staatsbosbeheer Noord-Brabant, the nature center and the regional authority also have offices.

The municipality of Landerd and its partners want to show the history and beauty of the Maashorst trough the Nature gate “de Maashorst” to a wide audience of young and old. And encourage and tempt visitors to discover the nature reserve further. The new Nature gate has to attract large streams of visitors to the Maashorst. The new Nature gate wants to be a high-quality, contemporary, sustainable and inviting visitor center.

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