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The advantage of tiny timber houses is its lightweightedness. An entire house can be delivered using just a single truck. But sometimes, you need just a little more space. How can we get more living space without additional transportation to deliver more modules? Can we plug in extra space into our house (and have those plugins transported together with the main volume? Can we customize our tiny house with additional and novel elements? And can we design this house fully with biobased materials?

matryoshka: the module that unpacks smaller modules
matryoshka: the module that unpacks smaller modules
The Biobased Economy is on the rise. There is a growing need for plant-based raw materials that can re-place fossil raw materials in the long term. These green raw materials are used to generate energy, but biobased products such as paint, plastics and medicines can also be made. The high-quality application of biobased products is still in its infancy, but will be of great importance for the pharmaceutical industry and construction, for example. Building with biobased materials not only limits production of CO2 but captures it. Plants capture carbon and stores it as it grows. By harvesting and making long lasting products out of these plants carbon is (forever) stored in houses. Because of their lightweightness, biobased materials are perfectly suited for the design of a tiny, transportable house.

plant-based raw materials will replace fossil raw materials in the long term

An ideal way to produce tiny houses is to build them in a factory. Circumstances can be controlled, the factory can be placed in the vicinity of necessary resources, and construction can be planned precisely. biobased materials like cross laminated timber (CLT) are ideally suited for prefabrication. Creating surfaces with CLT gives the advantage of easily achieving traditionally difficult and expensive forms, since all cuts are automated and computer milled no matter the shape. This means high customization for customers, be it expressive gestures of individualism or subtle touch-es that hint at more than what seemed ostensibly an ordinary home.
The downside of prefabricated houses is that they have to be transported. The ideal size for transporta-tion is the size of a TEU container. Due to the low weight of CLT and other biobased materials, more building elements fit into a truck than is the case with concrete. In addition, due to the precise prefabrication of CLT, less waste is produced at the construction site, and less excess material is transported to the construction site.
When you design your biobased house as a customer, you start with the default volume with the basic and necessary means to living. All in one box, at the standard transportable size of a TEU container. To customize this box you can add secondary boxes add functionality and spatial quality to your basic home. You select as many additional boxes as can be fitted during transportation. This complete house package fits in one container, on one truck, and will be shipped directly to the site of your future home. Once there, it can be offloaded and assembled and after some minor dust cleaning you can start living in it. All within one day!
The matryoshka system strives to achieve more than efficiency and spaciousness but an opportunity for developing dynamic architectural forms. Dwelling spaces that are reflections of the owner’s likings, personality and individuality. Living in a community of matryoshka houses puts the vibrancy of people on full display. Meanwhile, careful detailing and clear geometric forms maintain order among variation. Plugins create unique views towards all possible orientations. As a visitor, unconventionality and the unexpected awaits, yet as the owner everything is simply right where they’d imagine them to most naturally be. The potential of having high variation houses means even more color and liveliness in the look of a neighborhood. Configurations on multiple densities are possible. Furthermore, clever placement and rotation allows for clear views from houses to the outside.

Tiny, biobased, and quick to be built. The matryoshka is all you need to live in!

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