Kitchen bath

Eindhoven, The Regent

Airy one-person apartment

All partition walls in the apartment have been removed to create one continuous space. No longer are sleeping and living confined to separate rooms: bed and sofa are interchangeable here. In consultation with the client, the designers dissected and analysed existing living patterns and conventions.


The setting for relaxing in bath is normally a confined space overlooking a washbasin and toilet. Moving the bath to another room can create some technical difficulties with water supply. Yet there is another location in the home with facilities for warm water, drainage and ventilation: the kitchen. The design of a combined kitchen unit and bath resulted in an almost six-meter-long granite butcher's table that integrates sink, hot plate and bath. The oven occupies a central position in the space and functions as an open hearth. The tap can supply both sink and bath. This synthesis of bathroom and kitchen marks a definitive departure from the conventional floor-plan and challenges the occupant in his living behaviour.
Everyday activities are given a fresh setting and result in unexpected scenes: blissful enjoyment of the view form the bath and perfect relaxation while washing up.

Appearance and clothing are very important in the public life of the occupant; his clothes are precious. Standing freely in the space is a wardrobe as wide and deep as he is tall. This gives it the character of a shrine, inside and around which the occupant can walk. Two opposing sides of the cube are covered with huge hinged mirrors that mark the wardrobes entrance and exit. The occupant can choose his clothes and, if desired, undergo a complete transformation, just as in a shop. The wardrobe also doubles as cloakroom and offers visitors a surprise glimpse, as if through a periscope, of the occupants bed.

Storage space is concentrated in a ten-metre-long multiplex sideboard. This peeve of furniture is an accumulation of various types of unit, including a service buffet, linen cupboard and bookshelf. These different units are distinguishable by the way their doors hinge, fold or slide open. Every combination of open units creates a different sculptural effect.
Matrix residential elements
Matrix residential elements
Existing and new ground plan
Existing and new ground plan

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