Greentech Park ONE

Greentech Brabant is a transition program and development platform in which projects and partnerships are realized in the field of bio based raw materials and sustainable energy. Genentech Brabant supports initiatives in which infrastructures and technologies are developed with locally available biological waste streams that can be converted into raw materials for biochemistry sustainable energy.
The project has found its place in Boxtel, Brabant. Boxtel is located in the middle of the Green Forest that lies between two important networks of the region: Brainport Eindhoven and Agrofood Capital Noordoost Brabant.

Boxtel also has a large area of nature and agriculture and associated organic residues. This gives it a potential to act as a 'living lab' on green innovation. In addition, there is an involvement of educational institutions, space available for projects and initiatives and significant administrative support. Boxtel also has a famous center for sustainability: the Little Earth (de Kleine Aarde). The associated image contributes to the start-up and expansion of Greentech Brabant.
The Greentech platform is predicted to have 4 pillars of development:

Greentech Park One Greentech is the core activity for companies, start-ups and knowledge institutions. Here, for example, high-quality proteins, fibers and other green building blocks are extracted from organic raw materials and processed into semi-finished products. What remains as a residue is converted into biogas that can be used for the production of electricity and heat.
Greentech Center is a visitor- knowledge- and meeting center that will be realized on site. Here knowledge will be developed and exchanged, together with educational institutions and companies.
Greentech Supply This is the raw material bank of Park One, also known as the biomass square. Here, organic residual material is brought together, processed and stored, after which it is available as a green raw material for various applications, in Greentech Park One (and elsewhere).
Greentech Sales Greentech sales is an organization located on Park One, which brings together supply and demand and supports start-ups and companies in developing revenue models and distribution schedules.

The design research into the spatial consequences and opportunities for the development of 'Greentech Park Brabant' in Boxtel, among other things, is intended to create a 'landing place' for the ambitions in Brabant to give the bio based economy a strong impetus. These ambitions are anchored in the Greentech Brabant program, an initiative that is supported by the Province of Noord-Brabant, the BOM and AgriFood Capital.

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