Fort Sabina


Development perspective Fort Sabina as part of the Defense Line of Willemstad

Fort Sabina is part of the "Stelling van Willemstad". This is a unique cluster of forts within the Zuiderwaterlinie and beyond. The Zuiderwaterlinie, after all, has virtually no forts except the so-called earthen forts that are not further built-up. On the contrary Sabina is built-up as are the other forts around Willemstad and the buildings with the original tower (the Tour Modèle) are therefore very rare in the Netherlands. Another unique feature is the location around the large, open water of Volkerak and Hollands Diep, where all the forts are explicitly and visibly connected. In addition, the position is so compact that it can be viewed at once from Fort Sabina.


The fort and the "Stelling van Willemstad" are identifiers for the region. They not only tell the most important story of Willemstad and its strategic location, but also its fort and Stelling, defining spatial structures, part of the Brabant-wide structure that is the Zuiderwaterlinie.

Where cultural history and nature go together in many forts, this is particularly true in and around Fort Sabina. The fort forms part of a high-quality nature reserve (EHS and Natura 2000) with large parts of the immediate area. Characteristic in particular is the large variety of special plants and animals, in particular birds such as flamingos, spoonbills, osprey and plovers. The St. Anthonie grains directly adjacent to the fort are in the top ten breeding grounds for meadow birds in the Netherlands. Last but not least, the upcoming salinization of the Volkerak must be added to all this. As a result, in addition to the current ecological wealth, new, local nature will arise.

The concept will be the pillars for Sabina's development: the hospitality, nature, culture and management and maintenance intertwined and take a first step towards a total vision. The aim of this development perspective at the conceptual level is to show how these pillars can reinforce each other, with the overarching theme (tough/ raw) of the Stelling van Willemstad as a guideline.
Aerial photo of Fort Sabina Henrica
Aerial photo of Fort Sabina Henrica
Concept design- Archi-punctural interventions
Concept design- Archi-punctural interventions

ir. Marco Vermeulen, ir. Wout Kruijer, ir. Bram Willemse, Msc. M.Arch. Bertus van Woerden

Synergy between culture, nature and recreation

gemeente Moerdijk


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