The cover of the book; The Road to Paris / Via Parijs
17 oct '19

The road to Paris

We are on the eve of the transition to a renewable energy system, to shared mobility, to healthy agriculture and to a circular economy. This is the time to calibrate the identity of the Netherlands and determine our course of action. The design exploration “The road to Paris” shows how we can shape the energy transition in the coming decades. It shows an inspiring picture of the future for 2050 that is based on the logic of (energy) systems as well as spatial quality. It shows that this transition offers opportunities to make the Netherlands cleaner and even more beautiful; an inspiring narrative, a "bigger story" that gives direction to the transition to a post-fossil society.

Want to read more? You can download the entire book (in Dutch) by clicking on this link. A hardcopy version is available at The Board of Government Advisors.