16 oct '13

The beauty of danger: lecture Kaunas (Lithuania)

At the invitation of Archfondas Marco gave a lecture on the spatial opportunities of watersafety.

Living in the Dutch Deltametropolis comes with water threats. Due to the climate change, these threats will only increase. In more than one way we can expect problems with water: from the sea, from the rivers, from the sky and from the ground. The effects of the rising of the sea level combined with heavy rainfall will directly have its effect on the rivers. Dense urban areas are trying to deal with heavier rainfall; the current sewage systems can not deal with the amounts of storm water. At the same time these threats offer opportunities for the Dutch water cities. The threat of water is a motive to take on some of the urgent themes within the city. Future perspectives will not just have to come up with solutions to the water problems, but also have to put forward opportunities for a more attractive urban environment.