1 jul '11

SMV's Inside Out in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (DK)

The exhibition consists of a crossover between architectural projects, art installations and case stories from various places in the world and is divided in three overarching themes: The Dream, Cell/Network and Homeland.

Cases: Russia, the Roma, India
Three ‘case stories’ in Living round off the individual themes. They dip into the current projects that relate to special places where social or political factors create a basis for ways of thinking about home and architecture, and which have been selected against the background of their very different and realistic relationships with the concept of ‘living’.

Case I: ‘Russia – from collectivism to individualism’ has been curated by Bart Goldhoorn and is about the multi-storey building as the preferred dwelling type from the Stalinist period until today and the architectural consequences for construction in Russia and ‘mass housing’ as a concept in the world in general.