29 mar '10

SMV in exhibition and publication 'Architecture of consequence'

Dutch designs on the future

From 20 February till 16 May 2010 this exhibition is shown at the NAI (Rotterdam).

Architecture of Consequence reveals how 24 Dutch bureaus integrate these global issues into their vision of society and their ideas for the Netherlands. Architecture must be more than functional and aesthetic – it must address and try to resolve the challenges we are facing today. With the world as their toolbox, these bureaus create new spatial, strategic, technical and social relations. And with this, they transform the discipline and set new social processes in motion with reality as their starting point, and change as a necessity.

The exhibition Architecture of Consequence presents models on different scales and in different capacities; each and every project is the fruit of the desire to design a better future.

‘Architecture of Consequence’ articulates the NAi’s long-term mission to arrive at an agenda for architectural responses to today’s pressing social concerns. This innovative agenda challenges urban designers to come up with progressive proposals and ideas, aimed at accomplishing the transition from a reactive to a proactive design practice.

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