1 apr '09

Shape our country: Water

Exhibition NAI Rotterdam: april 1st - may 3rd

During -Shape our country-, Gallery 1 will accommodate a workshop for national planning. Every month, from November to April, it will focus on a specific theme e.g. mobility, housing, work, leisure, greenery, water, together with the corresponding ambitions. Through games, lectures, workshops and debates, the NAi invites you to give your opinion on national planning in the Netherlands. For six months these opinions, ideas or frustrations about national planning will be incorporated in an exhibition and a play. Afterwards the NAi will do its best to get the most innovative proposals implemented.

In April SMV participates with the project Waterpleinen on the theme of Water. His Royal Highness Prince Willem-Alexander was extremely interested in the project. The prince is chairman of the UNSGAB, the Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation of the United Nations Secretary-General.