Post-max city

Design Lab Shrinking City Parkstad Limburg

With the project shrinking as a chance is Parkstad Limburg with municipalities, corporations, province and VROM looking for handholds to give the shrinkage in the region in the right direction. We develop four strategies in the neighbourhood Heilust Kerkrade west: 1. Heiklust:: space on their own initiative | 2. Heizorgt: space for small-scale care | 3. Heisport: space for sports | 4. Heibaan: space for infrastructure

In cooperation with: Marcel Musch (BVR), Floris Cornelisse, Ninke Happel (Happel Cornelisse Architecten), Dennis Kaspori (The Maze Corporation), Marc Maurer (Maurer United Architects), Dirk Somers (Huis-Werk Architecten