20 oct '19

Marco Vermeulen features on TV show on the chances of building with wood

Marco Vermeulen features in the episode "Timber Builders- is the Wooden Revolution Approaching?" of Dutch TV show “Backlight” on Dutch national television on October 20, 2019. Marco andd other architects talk about the solution that large-scale timber construction in the Netherlands can offer for the climate challenge.

The Netherlands faces a paradoxical challenge: building more and emitting less. To solve the housing shortage, more than one million houses must be built in the Netherlands by 2050. But with our current construction method (mainly with concrete), the environmental standards are being exceeded. Can building with wood be the solution? This vision is explored in the "Houtbouwers" episode of VPRO Tegenlicht. Biobasecamp, a pavilion at Dutch Design Week 2019 and part of the Embassy of Circular and Biobased Building and of the World Design Embassies, is one of the examples shown in Tegenlicht.

The documentary "Houtbouwers" can be seen on the website of the VPRO .