30 oct '09

Book launch Architecture of Consequence

On October 30th the NAi will present a book entitled Architecture of Consequence – Dutch Designs on the Future. The book discusses the work of 25 Dutch architecture firms that all approach city-making from the context of societal issues. Contemporary design practices are held up to scrutiny, using the conclusions delivered by ‘Shape our Country’ as a benchmark. The result is an agenda for spatial innovation which will serve as a springboard for urban design and architecture in the years to come. It reflects the mounting international awareness that seeking solutions to the most pressing issues of our day is everyone’s concern. The themes are universal – they motivate and move the entire international architecture community, with which this book is also a call to designers to create a better world.

SMV has been selected to contribute. The projects Waterpleinen and Greenport Klavertje 4 are presented as well as the mission statement of the office.

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