11 dec '13

Biobased Delta

Our proposal for a design study for the Biobased Delta is selected by the Creative Industries Fund NL for further elaboration! The research focuses on the Southwest Delta , the largest delta in Europe containing Zealand , the southern part of South Holland and the western part of North Brabant . This region has to do with a declining economy , because traditional agriculture is struggling in the global market . The region needs a strong incentive and the emerging biobased economy can potentially give the region another international competitiveness . The presence of both biological materials ( agriculture sector ) as a processing ( chemical ) industry and good cooperation between the two sectors, the region plays a leading role in this area is currently on a European scale . Through this position, new development opportunities and investment opportunities can be created . In this study , the conditions for this new economic development and the resulting spatial consequences will be made ​​clear . Three detailed key projects form the basis for the research. In addition, it explores the opportunities for a circular economy , where the existing production clusters will work together more. SMV will cooperate with a team of partners and experts from industry , local authorities , NL Agency and several universities .