5 jul '18

2x winner Brood & Spelen

Our entries Productive Peppelland and Circular Farm Beers have been chosen as winners in the Brood & Spelen competition about promising and innovative ideas for innovation in rural Noord-Brabant. The second round of the competition will start in September.

Productive Peppelland
Using the poplar as supplier of new constructive wood for the future. As an alternative for (environmentally harmful) concrete and steel. We will place a demo building in the middle of a poplar forest in the Meierij. Unique because of the production process of cross laminated poplar wood. This as a catalyst for a process to develop a complete chain of building with poplar in the Netherlands.

Circular Farm Beers
The Experimental Farm serves as a driver for the transition to sustainable production of animal and vegetable proteins. The starting point for a trial location is to create an innovative environment for collaboration. This model can be experimented with and various 'links' and business operations can be optimally coordinated for scaling up in the circular transition.

For more information and the complete entries look at www.prijsvraagbroodenspelen.nl